Stil, flexibilitet och hållbarhet i fokus

Style, flexibility, and sustainability in focus.

Segers chef's clothing is designed for the chefs of the future, with a focus on style, flexibility, and sustainability.

Demand for unisex clothing is strong, but now it's time to offer a unique and feminine product within the restaurant industry.

Inspired by chefs who believe that a dress is an underrated garment, an innovative solution has come to life – a stretch chef dress. This new addition to the range of chef clothing has been created with a minimalist look, focusing on fit and mobility.

To achieve a stylish and comfortable chef dress, the choice of materials has played a crucial role. Stretch panels have been integrated to ensure fit and increased flexibility.

At the same time, environmental aspects have been considered through the choice of fabric containing traceable recycled polyester and Refibra, a lyocell fiber made from cotton waste and wood chips. This combination results in a cool and comfortable material with a nice drape without compromising durability.

To meet various preferences and needs, a unisex model of the chef jacket has also been developed. The chef jacket follows the same mindset as the chef dress and is suitable for both men and women who prefer to work in a traditional chef jacket. Just like the dress, the chef jacket has been made from the same stretchy material with a focus on mobility.

Both of these products have been designed with appearance, comfort, and durability in mind, and they also include a range of important features requested by professionals in the restaurant industry. A loop at the neck has been integrated for easy apron attachment, while a pen pocket has been placed on the sleeve for easy access to pens or other small tools. Additionally, the chef dress has a practical towel loop for having a towel at hand when needed. The dress also features practical side pockets.

It is clear that these new chef clothes aim not only to enhance the functionality and mobility of chefs but also to promote inclusion and cater to different preferences within the profession. By offering both a chef dress and a unisex model of the chef jacket in stretch material, we provide the opportunity for both women and men to choose clothing that suits their personal style and work requirements.

This innovative venture in chef clothing is evidence of the industry's commitment to renew and adapt to changing needs and preferences. With material choices that consider the environment and functional details that facilitate the work process, it is clear that chef clothing is not just about appearance but also about creating a comfortable and practical work environment for professionals in the restaurant industry.