Freight, returns, exchanges & complaints

* Free freight with DPD within Europe for orders above 30 EUR, please note that we do not offer DPD fright in Sweden. PostNord is our standard option in Sweden for orders above 1000 SEK in Sweden).


How to go about you if you have received direct delivery from segers stock:

  1. Register your return case at and we will provide you with a return label. The return label will be processed and sent to the email you have provided within 2 business days after you have registered your desired return.

  2. The return should be made within 30 days of receiving your shipment.

  3. Enter the cause of your return.

  4. Pack the goods in the appropriate outer packaging. In order for us to approve the return, the garment needs to be in full condition and in original packaging (break the package with the least possible damage).

  5. Attach segers Falling note in the package and mark the goods you want to return.

  6. Submit the return package at the nearest postal agent.

  7. When the return is handled, we exhibit a credit invoice at the value of the product. Free return freight when use of return label provided bu Segers. Our goal is for all returns to be handled within 14 days.

In case of incomplete returns, we reserve the right to deny return or charge a reasonable handling cost (25 EUR). We do not offer any return on specially made, embroidered or printed goods.

If the delivery comes from the dealer's warehouse - follow their routine for returns.

Return as above.
Place a new order (just as when you ordered earlier).

RegisterYour complaint case via Return request on So we will contact you for further information.


Assuming the return is approved, you usually receive a refund within 14 days of sending the item back. If you selected payment by invoice, we ask you to pause it with Klarna to avoid a reminder fee while we manage the return.

Assuming the desired exchange item is in stock, you usually get the new item shipped within 14 days.

Assuming the advertising is approved, you will usually receive a new item or a refund within 14 days of sending the item back.

When changing to the same or an equivalent item, there is no adjustment to your payment. If you have chosen an invoice or already paid for your order, this is the payment that applies.

From the time we have approved your return, you will be refunded within 7 business days via the same payment method used when purchasing.

1. Complete the return form that came with your order. Donot forget to specify the reason why you want to return the product by using one of the codes on the form.

2. Put the product that you want to return in the package along with the form and fix the prepaid return note on the package. If you use the same package the products came in, put the return note on top of the original label. 

3. Submit the package to the shipping company that is on the return note and make sure to save the receipt, so you can track your shipment. NB! It is not necessarily the same carrier for the return as for the delivery, so be sure to check your return note.

4. If you have chosen to pay by invoice, contact Klarna to pause your payment. If you have chosen a different payment method, your refund will take place automatically once your return has been approved, usually within five business days.

We only approve returns of clothes coming back to us in new condition. If you have used, washed or removed the labels from the clothes, we cannot resell them to any other adventurer and therefore cannot approve your return. Unfortunately, we have to charge a fee of SEK 150 for unapproved returns to cover our costs.

If your package has been damaged in transit, it is important that you keep all packaging and content, so that we can examine it if necessary. Then log in to your user and register an claim. Also write as a comment that the claim relates to damage in transit and please attach a picture of the damage. Our claims department will then contact you by e-mail for further handling of the matter.

At present, we deliver only within the EU.