Förädla din kockrock med Namnbrodyr

Apron or chef jacket with embroidery

Are you looking for a chef jacket with named embroidery or embroidery of flags? Now you can easily order aprons and chef jackets with embroidery and put your own mark on your garment. Choose from 6 different styles and 10 different wire colors or 10 of the most common flags in Europe.


For name embroidery on jacket, shirt, sweater, the height of capital letters is 8 mm. For name embroidery on Apron, the height of capital letters is 16 mm. The largest possible logo embroidery is 9 cm on the chest and 12 cm on bib aprons. Deviations may occur on individual models.

Styles / fonts

Embroidery of name, title and/or restaurant name. You can choose from 6 different styles. Brush Script, Designer New, Script Grande, Block Light, Block, Goudy Bold New.

Thread colors

We have made a selection of the 10 most common wire colors in name embroidery. At present, we cannot offer other color options. At the logotype embroidery, there is a large selection of colors.

Name embroidery

Refine your rock by embroidering your name, title and/or name of the restaurant. You can embroider up to 3 rows with 20 characters on each line. However, some deviations may occur, such as children's coats or women's coats in small sizes.

Flag embroidery

Choose from the 10 most common flags to embroider on the collar on your chef shirt. Do you want any other flag? Contact us and we will see what we have available in our embroidery bank. If the flag option is not available in the Pop-up for embroidery on the collar, not suitable to embroider due to size, shape or material.

Logo embroidery

For embroidery of company logo, we only accept vectorized files. A embroidery card for the unique logo or size needs to be developed with a starting cost. We then match your company logo with our current wire colors. Note that small details or complicated shapes are not suitable for embroidery. Option is work in progress