Self-owned production

We at Segers accept our responsibility to be able to wear our workwear with a clear conscience.

Own staff

90% of Segers' range is made by our own staff. We were an early adopter of taking responsibility for good working conditions for all our employees. For many years, our code of conduct has been a natural part in the work to ensure healthy working conditions in our factories and at our suppliers.

For many years we have owned our own production units in Ukraine, Estonia, and for the last few years also a unit in Pakistan, which give us full control. As a customer, you always have the opportunity to visit our factories to see how we work in terms of the environment and social responsibility. We have had several visits from customers, suppliers and other outside companies and organisations, including the JICA (Japanese International Co-operation Agency) who have visited us several times. The JICA is very impressed with our work on gender issues and presented Segers Pakistan at its seminar in Japan in September 2019. Segers, for example, has one of the few female cutters found in Pakistan. 

As an employee of Segers, among other things, you have the right to work in bright and hygienic premises with good heating and ventilation. You have the right to go home with payment even if the order books are not full. Working time is set according to each country's legislation and everyone receives compensation for overtime and paid leave, as well as provision for pension and insurance. Segers also takes responsibility for supporting the local community, outside the obvious employers' obligations. Everything from buying defibrillators for hospitals and materials for schools to sponsoring the local music school at our production unit in Ukraine.