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Our customers have spoken.

Our bestsellers have been around for over three decades, meaning it was time for an update. And customer feedback was essential. After a thorough rethink, we are now able to present chef’s jackets and aprons 2.0. Marketing Manager Mia Kinn guides us through the various improvements. Hope everyone likes them. What’s new this year? We think releasing something new just once a year isn’t enough, so now, for the first time, we’ll also be releasing new items in August. This time we have taken a look at the aprons in our basic range and have changed the width and length. And changed the models for our chef’s jackets in colour.

What was it that triggered this rethink on your bestsellers?
 Obviously our customers expect our basic items to be around for a long time, but even these items can be improved. Many of our bestsellers have been around for three decades, so it was time for an update. So in connection with this we asked for suggestions for improvements from our customers on all our markets, including outside Scandinavia.

How does it work, gathering customer comments?
 Well, we get requests that are passed on by our sales¬people, who work with everyone from end customers to laun¬dries and retailers. We also pick up what chefs and waiting staff say about our clothes at competitions and fairs. In addi¬tion, we work actively with a number of sponsorship assign¬ments, and a lot of valuable comments come in that way.

And once the comments have been received, what happens then?
 Then we develop new models based on the comments that come in. These are then tested in various focus groups. It’s more than just the comfort and aesthetics that matter. It’s also important for our garments to be able to cope with continuous washing – and sometimes at a high temperature, so we also get laundries to do laundry tests.

What was your focus when you made this year’s improvements?
 For them to stand the test of time and not push up the price. Most of these products have high demands with regard to durability, and at the same time are very price-sensitive.

Segers New Basics

Many of our bestsellers have been around for three decades, so it was time for an update.

So we are curious – what have you done in terms of improvement?
 Yes, I understand that. For the waist apron, we had requests from our customers for a wider apron. So now we have produced a new variant of our existing model 4444. 4576 is 100x50 cm instead of 75x43 cm. In response to requests we have also adjusted the length of the aprons, meaning they are now 85 cm long as well as 100 cm wide. Thus slightly shorter than before. They were shortened mainly to avoid any feeling of getting caught up once the apron became wider.

What improvements have been made to the chef’s jacket?
 We have had a lot of requests for chef’s jackets with press studs. Of course you have to be able to get the clothes off as quickly as possible if, for example, you get oil on yourself. But press studs also make it easier to get dressed. Therefore we have chosen to develop our colourful jackets 5330 short sleeve) and 5331 (long sleeve), producing new models with press studs in a single row instead of double buttons. We have also made the jackets a bit more slim-fitting, since more and more customers choose this rather than the classic straight cut. We have chosen to keep the pen pocket, and the fabric is the same as our 201 quality – twill in 65% polyester/35% cotton. Some of the colours have gone, but the range has become broader, as we have added the equivalent colours to the women’s versions.
 Our 4530 model has also been given a makeover. It now comes with press studs by customer request, and in several gorgeous new colours. Otherwise, as before it has 3/4 length sleeves with a pen pocket, and is made from fabric quality 257 – domestik, 50% polyester/50% cotton.

So was the bib apron also improved?
 Yes, a lot of our customers have long wished to be able to do up the neck strap with a press stud to avoid that uncomfortable knot. That’s why we are now launching 4579
Anything you are particularly proud of in this year’s collection?
 It’s mostly that Segers is an attentive company that listens to the industry and dares to makes changes to its bestsellers. And in addition to updating our basic garments, we have also added the option of a comfortable and durable stretch fabric to our range of classic waiter shirts