From waste to zero waste - Segers Fabriker

From waste to zero waste

Segers have launch Zero Waste, a new set of chef’s clothing produced entirely without fabric waste. Just as chefs aim not to waste any part of their raw ingredients, we at Segers want to avoid wasting any of our own raw material, fabric. In addition, the clothes in the collection are made with waste cotton and traceable recycled polyester.

Fabric is wasted every time garment pieces are cut from fabric before being stitched together. Every single fabric scrap that is thrown away is a waste of resources. This especially regards cotton, which requires large amounts of water to produce.

To reduce wastage, Segers has developed a new pattern that utilises 99.9% of the fabric area, which completely eliminates fabric waste. It also eliminates overproduction, as we can now produce clothes from all the fabric we buy.

New Zero Waste collection

We have also created a brand new collection inspired by the restaurant industry’s Zero Waste philosophy. Thanks to a new pattern, no fabric is wasted in the new collection. Moreover, the fabric itself is made with waste cotton and traceable recycled polyester. A circular flow where we utilise textiles that would otherwise have been thrown away.

Shirt and apron set

The collection will be launched with a short-sleeved V-neck chef’s shirt and matching apron. The clothes are cool and comfortable to work in, and are made of the same quality TENCEL™ fabric as other Tencel garments in the Segers Green range. 400 garments will be released in an exclusive limited edition.

Made from waste fabric and recycled plastic waste

The fabric for the Zero Waste set was developed in collaboration with the textile developer [a]industri in Gothenburg. The TENCEL™ fabric itself is made out of two different textile fibres.

  • 50% REFIBRA™ by Klopman
    (mix of wood pulp and cotton scraps)

  • 50% REPREVE®
    (traceable recycled polyester
    made from plastic waste)


Smarter fold and recycled plastic bags

In addition, we will fold the garments using a military fold in which the garments are turned in on themselves. This folding technique saves packing space during transport. We will also pack the garments in recycled paper bags. 

A collection for the future

Seger’s Zero Waste collection is an exciting example of how we, as a clothing manufacturer, can develop our methods and processes to contribute to a more sustainable world. A collection of durable, trendy garments that save fabric and present a good image to restaurant guests.

The chef’s set, developed using a unique method, will be launched in March 2022.