Designad för att hålla - Segers Fabriker

Designed to last

Segers takes a number of different measures to fulfil our customers’ requirements, which is why we always offer them the opportunity to customise their workwear. Regardless of whether you purchase a specially designed product or choose from our standard range, all of our products are produced, tested for cleaning and chemicals, and are reasonably priced – at every part of the process.

When customers are allowed to be involved in designing their own unique collection, they achieve increased emotional sustainability, and are most likely to want to use the garment for much longer. At the same time, the principles behind our business are in line with slow fashion – in other words, timeless design and high quality. This combination is a winning concept for garments to be sustainable over time. Our process starts with us listening to, and seeking to understand our customers’ needs. We assemble the many building blocks we have so that we can create a unique collection together, which is tailor made to their preferences.

Our warehouses and archives have a huge number of models to inspire us. We have the full range, from chef’s trousers with a cow pattern and colourful dresses with thickly embroidered flowers to more subtle designs in different models and materials. Julia, our technical product manager, explains how assignments received from our customers all differ in some way.

“Sometimes, for example, we start out with a classic shirt then play around with materials and colours or details such as buttons and seams. But we don’t only focus on the aesthetic features. We also receive requests from customers who want an environmentally sustainable version of an older collection. This allows them to phase in new clothing without having to break away from their existing collection.

One trend that is particularly popular right now is sporty garments that are comfortable and functional. For this type of collection, we use stretch fabrics that breathe. At Segers, there are no limits to what you can achieve with a needle and thread and a dash of imagination.