I Segers garments mix both fashion and function. Many of our products are available in classic, timeless variants and will work just as well tomorrow as they did yesterday. Other collections have a higher fashion rating and follow the trends and expressions of the season.

Are you a larger company that needs help with tailoring a total solution of your staff clothes?

Our experts in Solutions make it easy for you as a customer. Within the concept of total solution, we include the right design, branding, logistics solution, administration, etc.

Want to know more about our Solution Concept?

AnnMari Klemetti
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Business areas

Segers works in three business areas; HoReCa (Hotel, Restaurant and Café), Healthcare, and Solutions . Solutions means that we tailor products and solutions for larger customers, including in other industries. The design team is located at the headquarters in Borås and works closely with development teams and production planners in Estonia.

Innovative models

Segers is constantly looking for alternative solutions to our articles to solve a need without having to compromise on quality or price or to make the article even better for the user or sustainability. An example of this is our aprons with crosses in the back that are much better ergonomically for our users. Another is our atacac garments which have a completely different type of pattern construction which provides stretch effect without stretch fibres and are sewn with fewer seams, meaning durability over time.

Items on stock

So many items have Segers in their regular stock range. This provides an incredible range to align with each customer's needs and expressions. In addition, they are available in storage for immediate delivery.

Important parameters of the design

Examples of what we are working on in product development: Ladies and Gentlemen - items for everyone. Freedom of movement - it shall be easy to move and work in the garments. Ergonomic - i.e. convenient and durable for the user. Mix & Match - to be able to combine and find their unique look. Classic & timeless - the model should hold over time.

Customer-unique & tight collaborations

Customized Design - If you would rather develop your own clothing concept, you can, together with our designers, create a unique clothing line that elevates the experience in your business.

Collaborations - We have worked out several of our models through collaborations with chefs and associations such as Chef of the Year, the National Chefs’ Team, Frida Rånge, Marcus Audjulay, Bjorn Franzén.

Quality tested

To guarantee a good product, we wash test both fabric and ready-made garments. Our fabric supplier tests everything from shrinkage, pilling and wear resistance to dry and wet precipitation and colour resistance. These tests are carried out according to international ISO standards. When we do our laundry tests on our garments, we turn, among other things, to the Swan branded laundry KÅPI. The tests allow us to guarantee that our customers get a good product that lasts and looks fresh for a long time. Where white garments continue to be white and black garments retain the blackness even if washed about 60 times.


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